Wheatgrass Powder Comparisons

Wheatgrass PowderIf you’ve been browsing our website and reading about Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder, you’ll have noticed that not only do we consider it an amazing superfood, but history and science continue to prove it. Even the Egyptians held it sacred for its healing abilities!

Wheatgrass powder is a whole body purifier that provides hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll. But only IF it is grown and processed properly.

Not all wheatgrass is created equal. Many common wheatgrass powders are wheatgrass juice powders (vs. whole leaf powders), lacking the bulk of natural nutrients because they are made by dehydrating the juice of wheatgrass rather than the whole leaf, losing fiber and other nutrients in the process.

Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder is third-party batch-tested for gluten, soy and dairy, three of the most common allergens, and tested during every step in the process for pathogens, mold and bacteria. So those of you with sensitivities, allergies or intolerances, rest assured that you are getting only pure allergen-free wheatgrass powder in its perfect form.

The 10 important differences between our traditionally-farmed, whole leaf wheatgrass powder and most other brands, which are typically tray-grown, wheatgrass juice powders:

Tray-Grown Wheatgrass Juice Powder

  • Grown in trays under artificial light: 4 times less chlorophyll, light green color
  • Grown to 7” in 10 days: less nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and chlorophyll
  • Forced to grow 7 times faster at temperatures 3 times higher: far less nutrition, few health advantages
  • Roots are crowded and tangled on bottom of trays: high levels of mold and bacteria
  • Twisted, interwoven roots allows pathogens to grow: nausea and adverse reactions
  • No photosynthesis from the sun creates more carbohydrates: more sugar, less protein
  • Variety of processers, varied texture, color, taste, nutrients: can cause bloating, less easily absorbed, gritty, unpleasant bitter taste
  • May have additives, cross-contamination, allergens, gluten: unreliable for safety, efficacy
  • Freeze dried and ground: minimum nutrients, costs more
  • May be “organic” certified but may still come from GMO grass, may be cross-contaminated with other grains, therefore not gluten-free or allergy-free, and most likely contain mold, bacteria

These comparisons prove that we, as savvy consumers, must monitor and research what we consume. Because the FDA is overloaded and can’t be everywhere all the time, the organic food and supplement industry is only spot-tested on occasion. Only 1% of the 65,000 dietary supplements on the market are checked by the FDA annually, and 5% by the USDA.*

Claims of “organic” and “natural” can be loosely used (they can still be GMO), even on the certified organic products; we want to provide trustworthy information that allows you to choose wisely. According to the Organic Consumers Association, $35 billion a year is spent in the organic market on “natural” foods. Add nutritional supplements and other “natural” products, now the total is $75 billion annually, with the majority of consumers paying a premium price for these products labeled as “natural” or (almost) “organic.”

Add to that tangled mess the fact that cheap, “organic” supplements from China abound, while the organic standards in China do not often hold up to US standards and testing from trusted sources including Natural News has shown that “organic” from China has at times been shown to be worse than non-organic from other countries. That, tossed through the loophole of lax FDA regulations on supplements, creates a breeding ground for unpure and even harmful products in the marketplace.

When you buy our products, we believe in providing full disclosure. Our wheatgrass powder is farmed and processed as 100% Pure, NON-GMO, truly Organic, with no cross contamination of gluten or allergens, therefore it is Gluten-Free, and as we stated previously, monitored constantly by the manufacturer and third-party testers for common allergens and pathogens, never testing positive. Our upcoming products, Spirulina and Chlorella, will meet those standards as well.

Enjoy our wheatgrass powder and feel great knowing that you’re getting a truly clean, effective superfood, so you can raise a super healthy, energetic family that lives life to the fullest.

When you order your wheatgrass, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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*Data interpreted from research by Steve Meyerowitz, “Wheat Grass: Nature’s Finest Medicine,” Forbes, Eco Watch and Pines’ scientific studies and research compiled over 85 years.

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