Know Your Superfood, Know Your Source

Wheatgrass PowderIt’s extremely important to know your source when considering adding wheatgrass to your diet. There are many places to buy wheatgrass juice powders, drinks and “shots,” but did you know they may be doing more harm than good? That’s why Nurtured by Nature Whole Leaf Wheatgrass Powder is among the best and safest wheatgrass you can consume.

Tray-grown and organic wheatgrass juice powders are often tainted with toxic mold and bacteria from the growing and/or storing process and may be cross-contaminated with allergens. Many have unknown or unwanted fillers added, and those from other countries with no growing standards, like China, can be ineffective or even lead to illness. In fact, because the FDA does not test or regulate supplements well enough, some inexpensive “organic” versions imported from countries like China may not be truly organic to US standards. That is why it is important to always check the country of origin when buying your wheatgrass powder, and why we always source our wheatgrass from the good ol’ USA. Some inexpensive wheatgrass juice powders may be grown in China without it being obvious on the labelling.

Even in the US, not all wheatgrass is created equal. Other USA-grown wheatgrass powders are often processed on the same equipment with pesticide-contaminated grains and vegetables, and may also contain allergens and pathogens. Though non-GMO is preferred, that certification alone does not mean “organic.” Non-GMO wheatgrass can still be treated with pesticides and other chemicals. We are proud to say Nurtured by Nature that our wheatgrass growing and production processes are certified organic and non-GMO verified!

There are a lot of important details to consider when searching for the best wheatgrass powder. Well, we dug into all these details, then rolled up our sleeves and got to work finding the best superfood source we could locate! Something that was safe, effective and great-tasting. After all, it’s something that our family consumes every day, too. Of course, we want it to be the best. And we want the same for your family.

Nurtured by Nature is 100% Pure and Organic; grown outside and certified non-GMO on a wheatgrass farm that adheres to the Father of Wheatgrass Dr. Charles Schnabel's strick standards set all the way back in the 1930s. It’s third-party batch-tested for gluten, soy and dairy (three of the most common allergens), and tested during every step of the process for pathogens, mold and bacteria. And we’re pleased to say, it has never tested positive for any pathogens. So those of you with sensitivities, allergies or intolerances, rest assured that you’re getting only pure, allergen-free, whole leaf wheatgrass powder in its perfect form.

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Take another step toward your family's continued health and order some now. It’s an easy and delicious way to add the equivalent of 2 lbs. of spinach to your daily green intake with just one little scoop per day! And because we truly believe that our wheatgrass powder is an amazing health solution that you will love, we offer Free Shipping and 60-Day Empty Bottle Guarantee. We want you 100% happy and healthy!

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