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Superfood for a Super Family!

Our organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO, 100% pure, outdoor-grown, mold and allergy-free wheatgrass powder can help you to...

More Energy

Have more energy throughout the day

Busy families don’t have time for ups and downs in energy. Instead of treating your energy lag with another cup of coffee, a scoop of wheatgrass in your favorite juice or water does the trick - no caffeine or jitters required, just smooth, steady energy all day – because everyone deserves a little pep in their step.

Sleep Better

Sleep better & wake up feeling refreshed

Restless nights or difficulty staying asleep? No thank you! The vitamins and minerals in our wheatgrass powder give you just the right amount of daily energy that won’t disrupt your natural sleep cycle. Your body’s natural sleep rhythms will kick right in so you can wake up ready to take on the world again!

Glowing Skin

Get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted

Missing that youthful, vibrant glow? Get clear and radiant skin without the cost and side-effects of makeup. Our wheatgrass is a rich source of skin-rejuvenating vitamins A & C, letting your natural beauty shine through.


Strengthen Immunity & Prevent Illness

Whether it’s flu season or a brand-new school year, battle bugs by building a force field around your family with all the immune-boosting nutrients and vites found in our wheatgrass powder.

Weight Loss

Curb Craving & Aid Weight Loss

Snacking and craving sweets or overeating at meal time? Taken before meals, the fiber in our wheatgrass powder makes you feel more full long before you can overeat. It also helps to regulate blood sugar to end mindless snacking and sugar cravings between meals.

Boosts Mood

Boost Your Mood; More Happy Campers

“When mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Eating & drinking the wrong things or not sleeping well affects more than just your energy, it also affects your mood. Folate & B vitamins in our wheatgrass powder can lower your risk of anxiety, depression and an uneven temperament. And your kids eating our greens? Well, it may just lead to less quarrels in the house and a more peaceful home life... 

Less Tummy Troubles

Have Less Tummy Troubles With A Healthier Gut

Tummy troubles are no fun - for adults or for the little ones. Wheatgrass boasts the fiber, vitamins and minerals to aid digestion and reduces stomach acid by helping the body maintain a proper PH. Happier bellies = a happier family!

Get Rid of Nasties

Get Rid Of The Nasties By Detoxifying The Body

In the world today, it is nearly impossible to have 100% control over the food our families put into their bodies. It is far too easy to make a drive through stop or swap a healthy snack at school for those "flavored corn snacks," stuffed with God knows what. But - we can keep their bodies clean with a daily scoop of greens! Make their bodies happy and detoxify from the bad effects of coffee, alcohol, preservatives, artificial flavors and environmental toxins with a scoop of our wheatgrass powder every day.

Time is precious. Before we know it, the day is over and being healthy gets shoved to the bottom of our to-do list. At Nurtured by Nature, we strive to change that. Drinking our 100% Pure Wheatgrass Powder daily makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3 – scoop, mix, drink. Give yourself and your kiddos a quick, daily energy and nutrient boost with the equivalent of 2 lbs. of leafy veggies in your morning juice or breakfast smoothie.

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