Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

WheatgrassEverything is a "superfood" these days... So what makes Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder more "super" than all the others out there? We wondered the same thing until we researched it...  


Over 5000 years ago, the Egyptians found sacred the leafy blades of wheatgrass and treasured them for their ability to improve health and vitality.

Flash forward to the 1930s, when modern science proved the Egyptians right! Wheatgrass made a comeback when the Father of Wheatgrass, Dr. Charles Schnabel's experiments re-popularized the plant. Our wheatgrass is still grown to Dr. Schnabel's standards to this day.

Most of us adults don’t even come close to eating the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day. That’s not even to whisper about the difficulty in getting our kids to eat their greens! And even if we do, most of the modern commercially-grown produce is lacking in proper nutrients; sadly even organic just can’t offer enough of what we need to stay healthy in today’s world.

So make Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder your secret weapon!

When you start drinking our wheatgrass powder ground from whole leaf wheatgrass, you’ll start noticing some of the benefits pretty darn quickly. As time goes on, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The lasting and life-changing results your feel for yourself and see in your household will convince you. This really is a super superfood!

Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass - What Will It Do For Me?

There are literally hundreds of nutrients in each scoop of our wheatgrass powder and none of the unknown additives or unwanted hitchhikers you’ll find in other powders. The nutrients listed on the label are the most prevalent: Vitamin A (beta carotene), Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Protein, but there are also all B vitamins, (even B-17 which is being researched as a cancer fighter), Vitamin E, K, phosphorous, iron, manganese, sulphur, sodium, cobalt, zinc, seventeen amino acids, enzymes, and so much more, all in a natural balanced ratio.

Because our wheatgrass is grown in the cold with 200 days of sunshine, it is extremely high in chlorophyll, a critical phytonutrient (good-for-you plant-derived nutrient) for our brains and cells to repair and to thrive. Chlorophyll contains massive healing properties, oxygenating blood cells, cleansing the liver and body of toxins, and building new, healthy, blood cells – ultimately creating a vibrant, energetic, healthier YOU!

Super Power Your Family!

Wheatgrass for healthy lifestyleHere comes the rolling scroll of fantabulous benefits for you and yours...

Our organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO, 100% pure, outdoor-grown, mold and allergy-free wheatgrass powder can:

  • Provide an abundant source of Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Amino Acids & Chlorophyll
  • Stimulate immune system & repair damage
  • Improve circulation
  • Prevent common & life-threatening diseases and illnesses
  • Lower your risk of cardiovascular disease & Type 2 diabetes (high in fiber; low absorption stops blood sugar swings and sugar cravings)
  • Assist in weight loss (hello! thank you!)
  • Improve digestion (fiber and chlorophyll help keep bad bacteria and fungus at bay)
  • Boost production of digestive enzymes
  • Cleans the Liver (daily and after a night out)
  • Boost your mood (folate and B vitamins are linked to lower risk of depression and anxiety)
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Clear the mind; create sharper thinking (great for studious kiddos!)
  • Lower internal stress response; stabilize the mind
  • Slow internal & external aging
  • Relieve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • Repair damaged DNA
  • Fight free-radicals & oxidation from the sun
  • Detoxify heavy metals & toxins from body
  • Improve wrinkles, acne, skin and nail conditions
  • Renew bodily tissue (cell building and oxygenation)
  • Banish bad breath and body odor (thank you, Chlorophyll!)
  • Prevent Tooth Decay (your family dentist will thank you)
  • Improve workout & recovery
  • Boost overall stamina & energy
  • Ease menstrual pains & PMS symptoms
  • Balance PH level of the body

Diluted in water, it’s also great as a topical application for sunburns, acne, wounds, dandruff, scars, and as a nasal spray for congestion. And although your kids would get a kick out of it - no, it will not make your skin turn green.

Scientific research has also found a gene that requires greens for optimal function. The Nature Immunology Journal published research stating, “Immune cells essential for intestinal health could be controlled by leafy greens in your diet.” The researchers “discovered that the gene T-bet is essential for producing a population of critical immune cells (called ILCs) in the lining of the digestive tract, controlling the bad bacteria in the intestines and possibly controlling food allergies, inflammatory diseases and obesity, and may even prevent the development of bowel cancers. This gene responds to signals from the food we eat.” Taking wheatgrass powder daily makes sure your T-bet gene is well-fed!

“I absolutely love this all natural organic product. It's exactly what I expected and more. I love mixing it with my favorite greens in a smoothy or just stirred in my T. Green Juice and you can't even tell it's in there. I almost immediately feel a boost of energy from this product which lets me know it’s working and it's quality. Thanks for such an awesome product Nurtured by Nature!”
- Sharon

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How to Get Started

To start feeling your best with Nurtured by Nature wheatgrass powder, we recommend starting with one scoop per day. We know you’re excited and want to consume the maximum amount to speed up the benefits, but it’s a good idea to start slow and build up to 2 scoops a day. Believe it or not, many realize noticeable differences with the one scoop right away.

Research has shown that it is best consumed on an empty stomach prior to eating unless you have a sensitive stomach, then it may be mixed with other fruits, vegetables or juice.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, recipes, or ideas, please share! We’d love to hear from you. We are all in this together, working to be as healthy as possible to live a long, beautiful life surrounded by love, family and happiness.

We are honored that you’ve chosen to improve your health with Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder. It has made a wonderful difference in our lives and the lives of our NBN family!

“I just tried this in my green juice today and I found it to be awesome. Rich in vitamins pure wheatgrass powder is a healthy addition to any diet. The company that makes the product did a great job in creating an organic wheatgrass.

I was buying it fresh in the market, only to have it wilt within two days. It got some mold on it and had to be recycled to the garden...a great fertilizer. When I discovered this pure wheatgrass powder, I was amazed at the purity and the refined texture. Easy to use and even easier since you don't have to worry about using it up quickly or even growing it yourself.

It is such an essential part of my diet, and even more so now that I green juice daily. That aspect has helped my entire system to work normally and my gastrointestinal functions normally. I have now started using this wheatgrass powder which I know will be more consistent in my diet. I felt more energetic.”

- CF

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