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Chelsea & AriWelcome to our family! We are Chelsea and Ari and we’re so happy you’ve discovered Nurtured by Nature where our goal and core focus is on Making Families Healthy, Making Healthy Easy! In a world that’s filled with questionable nutritional products that make lofty claims, we pride ourselves on being a company of integrity; putting your family's needs above profits, and offering pure, honest, organic, non-GMO, sustainable products like our Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder.

Our motivation for bringing Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass Powder to you stems from our own very personal experiences and the desire to live a health-conscious life. My husband and I each lost a parent to diabetes before the age of 60. They will never get to meet their grandchildren, and our kids will grow up never knowing that they had the best grandparents in the world. Since then we've made it our mission to ensure that other families don't have the same experience. You can see that in my own Open Letter to All Moms. It is something we very much believe in. 

We watched as our parents died from a disease that could have been prevented, so we stay fit, eat well, and work healthy habits into our daily life. We will be growing our own little family soon. We want to be there for our kids and plan to meet our grandbabies someday. We want to live our best life…and we want all of that for you and your family too!

In our continual search for ways to make being healthy easier, we discovered wheatgrass powder – the most efficient superfood you can ingest. But we also discovered that it has to be the RIGHT wheatgrass powder to be a “superfood” or we’re wasting our time and money. When we looked into the quality of superfood powders, we opened a veritable Pandora’s box of substandard products and practices. The tray-grown wheatgrass juice and powders lack nutrients during the growing phase and lose even more in processing. We also found that many USA products are genetically modified, and the common, imported organic Chinese wheatgrass powders are ineffective and mixed with other powders to keep prices lower. Yikes! Who wants to buy something that’s genetically modified (GMO), produced with no quality standards, and has additives that may not be safe or effective? Our eyes were opened! We knew that we had to let others know about what we’d found. If you’re buying and consuming something to achieve better health, don’t you think it should be good for you? We do too!

We are so proud to have partnered with an American company that has adopted the rarely used quality practices laid out by Father of Wheatgrass, Dr. Charles Schnabel all the way back in the 1930s. This is the correct way to grow wheatgrass and keep all of its nutrients when turning it into a powder. They produce our 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free wheatgrass powder at a higher standard than any other company can match. With an open heart and honest words we can say that our quality is unmatched and our value sets us apart.

When you browse our website and read the long list of benefits, the wheatgrass powder comparisons, and the testimonials, please know that our goal is to be straight with you about the facts of wheatgrass powder. Our research yielded more amazing scientific data about wheatgrass powder than we could’ve ever imagined. We strive to be a trustworthy, valuable resource for you and your family’s healthy life.

Start your family's journey toward improved health and wellness! Order Nurtured by Nature Wheatgrass today and feel good knowing it’s the best quality wheatgrass you can consume.

At Nurtured by Nature not only are we passionate about making healthy easy, we also want to make sure it’s done right! We are a small American business of real people like you, supporting organic farming, the Non-GMO Project, and the movement to make food better and more transparent, which is why several years ago we started Lifestyle Dynamics. We knew how to make being healthy simple and wanted to share the tools and recipes we used ourselves with others. After communicating with our customers, we realized they wanted more –ingredients they could trust to be pure, organic and safe. Nurtured by Nature was a natural progression for our desire to provide just that with our flagship product, Wheatgrass Powder.

Whether you buy from Nurtured by Nature or Lifestyle Dynamics, we promise complete customer satisfaction, period. You, our customers, are more important than our sales. If for any reason you are not absolutely happy with any product, we will replace or refund your order, no questions asked. Even if you purchased your wheatgrass powder on Amazon, contact us before you contact them and we will make it right.

Honestly, feel free to reach out at any time with questions or comments, or to ask for tips and recipes. We love hearing from you and love to help!

To You & Yours in Health,

Chelsea and Ari

P.S. Watch for Spirulina and Chlorella products coming soon!
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