5 Signs You May Be Dehydrated

February 08, 2017

5 Signs You May Be Dehydrated

With the surplus of caffeinated drinks and alcohol in our diets, it may surprise you to learn that 75% of Americans are suffering from some level of dehydration in their daily lives. These beverages are actually diuretics, meaning they pull moisture from your cells rather than contributing any. They actually make you pee more, while feeling thirstier. 

But with the growing popularity of infused (or “spa”) water, juicing, smoothies and lemonade upgrades like this it’s getting easier and more fun to keep yourself and your family happily hydrated. Here are a few quick tips to tell whether you’re getting enough water each day.

1. YOU’RE (ahem!) THIRSTY.

Let’s face it, as adults we’ve learned to ignore our body’s signals…from being tired to being hungry, we hold off until bedtime or lunch hour, forcing our bodies into schedules that don’t match our natural rhythms. This leads to all kinds of trouble, from sleep deprivation to weight gain. Learn to LISTEN to your body, recognize the signal that you’re thirsty, and drink water.


Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which can lead to overeating. We have a sense of needing or wanting something, and turn to the vending machine or fridge. If you find yourself looking around for something between meals, it might just be a glass of water you need.

At the first signs of hunger, drink a glass of water. It’s a tried and true trick to prevent false hunger and overeating.After that, if you are still hungry you can head for a healthy treat. Often you will find that the what you identified as hunger was actually thirst.


Take stock of your regularity. A healthy gut eliminates 1-3 times a day, depending on diet. (Meat and carbs digest slowly, while veggies have a quick turnaround.) If you’re not, er, regular, this may be the body’s way of telling you that you need more water.

Keeping the “pipes” lubed, so to speak, is a good way to ensure everything is in good working order. (That and getting enough fiber!) If your trips to the little girl’s room are a little longer than you’d like, try guzzling a glass or so before your next visit.


What color is your pee? If it is faintly yellow, you’re good to go on H2O. If it is too dark or too bright, you know you’ve got to start chugging. Check out this helpful graph by DripDrop.com.

You may also not want to see completely clear pee. This could mean you are fine but it could also mean you are over-hydrating or have some other health problem. If your urine is clear, you may want to cut back on the water to eliminate the risk of water poisoning, or water intoxication. If cutting back does not bring some yellow back to your toilet bowl, you may consider a visit to your doctor for a check-up. Read more on that here.


Within your skull, your brain is supposed to be suspended in a fluid buffer. When you’re dehydrated, your body is depleted of the liquid that suspends your brain from pushing against the inside of your skull. Your delicate equipment is knocking around in there, which can result in headaches. Not a pleasant thought…or sensation for that matter. Staying hydrated will keep your head in good working order.


I hope these tips have helped you to navigate your way toward a more hydrated you. To help you along the way, you might also like to get your hands on this fruit infuser water bottle. Make drinking infused water delicious and convenient at work or at school for the whole family. This one is really high quality (and we’ve tried our share of infusers) and from a very good company.

Staying well hydrated is crucial. Help yourself and your loved ones by mixing up a pitcher of this Watermelon Cucumber Mint Water. Then get creative and testing out your own combinations. We’ve come up with a bunch of them ourselves at our sister company, Lifestyle Dynamics, with our FREE InfuseLife Fruit Infused Water Tips & Recipes eBook. Click through to get your hands on your very own copy and get yourself hydrated!








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